As a WordPress expert I got to thinking about all the years I’ve spent workign on it.  I remember working with WordPress back in 2003 when it was first released as a blogging site.  It was not the feature rich CRM we know it as know but it was specifically a blogging platform.  I remember choosing WordPress because it had an admin interface and was XHTML 1.1 compliant with templates.  Wasn’t many of these types of platforms around then for blogging.

A year later in 2004 they introduced version 1.2 and that had the plugin architecture.  This was a big deal!  now developers could create their own plugins and share them with the community.  This is was sold me on WordPress and I began writing plugins like a mad man, I couldn’t punch the keyboard keys fast enough.  The WordPress community grew fast and we all shared plugins and it was amazing thing.  Movable Type was the market leader in blogging tools and that angered many users with a new licence terms and WordPress quickly grew.  I was making a lot of WordPress sites for clients because of the licensing changes of Moveable Type.  That’s when this idea/hobby of mine starting taking form as a business.  I was getting paid to migrate users to the WordPress platform.

WordPress In 2005 WordPress exploded because with the release of version 1.5 custom themes were really revolutionary. This allowed a flexible system where designers could edit individual files for headers, footers, pages & sidebar.  This sounds so standard now but back in 2005 it wasn’t and it was exciting.

Also in 2005 a new default them was released, Kubrick.  This theme was clean and again allowed for all kinds of customization from design to features.  Many WordPress developers knew at this time that the WordPress team was serious about the platform because they were releasing updates regularly and they were not just bug fixes but really slick improvements for the blog users and the developers on the platform.

December of 2005 they released version 2.0 and this had a new admin dashboard and a huge overhaul of the admin layout. It included JavaScript & DHTMLto make the UI  better…no more post backs for simple tasks like adding tags and categories.

In 2006 WordPress filed the trademark and registration for the WordPress logo.

2008 brought many new features such as shortcodes, one-click updates and built-in plugin installation. Something that only Joomla really had at the time but WordPress did it better.

WordPress 3.0 was released on June 2010 and this is when WordPress became a major player in the CMS space. It included custom post types, custom backgrounds, header, menus & the WordPress MU project was merged in to WordPress core.  This was also when the theme twenty ten was released and included with new versions of WordPress.

In 2010 post formats and the admin bar were added into WordPress.  eCommerce also started showing up in WordPress sites around this type due to some cool plugins.


More history to follow!  I need to get back to working a bit 🙂