Businesses frequently put page speed optimizations on the back burner, assuming that their site speed represents their entire website functionality.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the situation.

There’s an essential difference between website speed and page rate , and it may be a deciding factor in your bounce rate and natural rank.

So what is that difference?

Page speed is the loading time of a specific page on your site, or just how long your content and graphics take to appear. Testing for each page, or particularly to your most important pages, can disclose critical weaknesses and flaws in your website’s functionality.

Not only does it play a role in ranking, it plays a job is user encounter (Google might assert that”experience” and”rank” ought to be linked). Pages that require a very long time to load may raise your bounce rate and lower the average session duration, resulting in fewer interactions and diminished conversions.

That is why it’s very important to identify what is causing web pages on your website to load slowly and to utilize effective tools and methods to maximize your page speed. Implementing those optimizations will boost your positions and, through better user experience, the oh-so-important conversion speed.

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