Version Control! One of the most important aspects of any high-level application! Whether you are building a web app or a Windows application, GIT can most definitely be your best friend.

The GIT repository is the latest and greatest in version control technology. GIT uses innovative “snapshot” technology to analyze your project files and record their versions, much like how a picture saves the moment it was taken.

From there, GIT will compare the newly updated project files with the saved “snapshots” to determine if there was a change or not. Many consider GIT to be a “mini file system” because it is unlike any other VCS out there!

For more information about GIT and what it can do for you and your projects, refer to GitHub and read the pages and pages of documentation on it to learn more! If you take anything away from this blog post, just understand that GIT is the latest and greatest in version control technology, and we here at Starved Rock Country Software Solutions take advantage of the wonderful tools and advantages of GIT every single day.