As of just a few days ago, we have welcomed a new member to the Starved Rock Programmers team! James Cheney is a student at LaSalle Peru Township High school and has an interest in web development. He is currently 17 years old and has successfully completed multiple projects for our team and made our clients very happy! James is an active scuba diver and enjoys spending his free time wandering around the ocean, lakes, pools, etc. experiencing a different world that is foreign to most other people. James earned his spot on our team by displaying character, knowledge, and dedication. We happily welcome James to our team and hope to continue providing him the necessary information to continue his career as a web developer. James plans to attend Illinois Valley Community College and move on to a 4 year university to get a degree in Chemical Engineering. James claims that this job is giving him crucial skills that will help him in his future endeavors. Welcome to the team, James!