Starved Rock Country Software Solutions
Kevin Champlin

Kevin loves writing custom code, whether it be web development, software applications or a mobile app.  Throughout his career he also served as a database administrator & a  systems administrator so he has a unique skill set.   He also taught computer repair & maintenance and computer programming for a while so he not only has the skills but he loves to share his knowledge.  This led him to start up Starved Rock Country Software Solutions. At Starved Rock Country Software Solutions he is able to use cutting edge programming solutions along side the latest & greatest technology.  We have our own dedicated web server that we utilized to house our website and that of our clients.  We recently separated our mail out to office365 instead of on our web server to enhance performance and user experience.  That then led us to become a Microsoft certified partner.  So now we not only offer amazing development services but we can help with anything Microsoft related.  If your business doesn’t have an IT department don’t worry we can help you!

  • Network setup
  • Server Maintenance
  • Employee Training
  • PC troubleshooting
  • PC Repair

We are here to help you with your technology needs.  Hardware or software it doesn’t matter.  Contact us and let us know what you need.  We are located downtown Oglesby, stop in and say hi anytime.

Kevin Champlin