We are happy to announce the start of our journey into helping Duda web developers by creating highly responsive widgets to help accomplish any task you need! Our Duda widgets have many customization options to make them truly your own!

We have created two so far: Both were client requests and we were happy to oblige. The first one is a fixed call-to-action button that the Duda developer can put anywhere on the screen. This Duda widget is used to add a chat menu, link to a new page, or as an anchor. What’s great about this widget is that it is mobile friendly, and the button can be placed anywhere on the screen.


The second Duda widget we created was designed to be used in a variety of situations while maintaining a professional look and feel. This one is a responsive price table that has every customization option possible and is responsive in every aspect. The user can choose between one, two or three different tables to show off their products or pricing plans. Everything has customization, and is very versatile for whatever you need it to do!

3 tables

We are happy to take any Duda widget requests anyone has. The beauty of Duda is: If you can think it, you can do it. And we take that to an entirely new level. We love pushing the boundaries as to what is and isn’t possible. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you with your Duda development adventure!