Many businesses need custom software development…and that is good because that is what we do.  However after speaking with a client today wanted to share some insights on what matters most when choosing a software development company.  The 2 big take away points  I heard from speaking with the client today was clean & bug free code.  Price wasn’t really a factor but he was really wanting someone close that he could meet and talk to (we do webinars too).  But the cheapest price wasn’t what he was looking for at all.  I’ve heard this before also but today it really sunk in that offering something at a discount is something only developers with little or no experience would do.  I did the same thing when I was in high school so I understand.   Now that I have over 20 years of experience in software development, taught programming for the LaSalle-Peru Area Career Center  – allowing students to earn their MTA certification i’m really interested in this response.

Software developmentHow many clients can really access code and evaluate if its truly quality code?  In my definition of “clean code” it should be bug-free but also heavily commented and easy to maintain.  I always code and think to myself.  If I were to get hit by a bus today could another developer easily take my code and run with it.  If it is clean code they should be able to do that.  I want to impress the client with a quality product obviously but I also want to show their IT staff or anyone willing to look at how pretty and documented the code is.

Writing clean code is something that  you develop over time and years of experience.  Since I’ve been doing this for over 20 years I am very happy with my coding quality and think of it like a nice piece of art.  Coding can and should be sexy if done right.  If you are in need of a software developer please contact us today and let us impress you with our clean code.

As I was writing this the one thing I don’t see much from young programmers is version control.  I’ll touch on this in a future blog post.   Happy coding!