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“I was so happy with the work that Kevin did on my 2nd project that he took care of, that I switched my hosting and email plan to him! Out of all the web professionals I have worked with in my business, Kevin has proven to be the most knowledgable and reliable. ”

Bluemoonstone Creations

“Awesome guy. Happy to have met him. He knocked out the task super quick and made sure that my timeline was met. Really great guy to work with! Highly recommended!”

Mando Consulting Inc

“First time I used Kevin and he delivered expertly on all fronts. 5 stars in all areas. Will certainly use him again.”


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Importance of SEO

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Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day! Web developers use this knowledge to their advantage when building a website. Search engine optimization or SEO for short is the process of ranking higher on google. This task so simple yet so powerful is a key process for making a website. With proper SEO tactics and practices you can boost the ranking of your website on Google in no time! All it takes is some practice and good placement of words, [...]

AMP – What Is It?

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What Is AMP? First of all, what is AMP; AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page. AMP is used for website builders to improve the websites speed, content, and makes it easier to read on mobile. If a web developer wants to produce the most productive and efficient website, then they will most certainly use AMP. If your website loads faster and looks sharper on mobile you will attract more business and accumulate more traffic. How does AMP Work AMP does a lot [...]

Salesforce Developer

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As a Salesforce Developer, you will develop and implement Salesforce solutions in a Salesforce.com environment. Develops and implements Salesforce solutions in a Salesforce.com environment. Develops and configures applications using Visual Force, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Chatter, Community and Force.com platform. Participates in project planning sessions with stakeholders to analyze business needs and outline technical requirements and solutions. Performs related functions. This position will be filled in our Oglesby Illinois office.  Some remote work may be permitted. Responsibilities Build/customize standard [...]

Importance of Speed

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40% of people abandon a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Making sure your website loads fast is key to obtaining and holding onto clients. Page loading time is obviously an important part of any website’s user experience. Many times we’ll let it slide to accommodate better aesthetic design, new nifty functionality or to add more content to web pages. Unfortunately, website visitors tend to care more about speed than all the bells and whistles we want to add [...]

Web Design Services

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94% of people judge website on responsive web design. Web design is one of the most important aspects of bringing in business to a site. An eye catching and pleasing site will almost certainly attract new clients and business. A site will be useless without proper design. A website could have the best and most useful information in the world and it still would accumulate 0 traffic if the design if poorly executed. Excellent design is not just in color or font [...]