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Domain names, web hosting, design, print and marketing…we honestly do it all. We treat every client and project as if it were our own.  We want to create long lasting business relationships.

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We are in the digital marketing space but nothing is better than making people happy. Our clients love us…it’s mutual.

“I was so happy with the work that Kevin did on my 2nd project that he took care of, that I switched my hosting and email plan to him! Out of all the web professionals I have worked with in my business, Kevin has proven to be the most knowledgable and reliable. ”

Bluemoonstone Creations

“Awesome guy. Happy to have met him. He knocked out the task super quick and made sure that my timeline was met. Really great guy to work with! Highly recommended!”

Mando Consulting Inc

“First time I used Kevin and he delivered expertly on all fronts. 5 stars in all areas. Will certainly use him again.”


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What Matters Most when Choosing a Software Development Company?

By |.NET, Android, c#, iOS, jQuery, Programming, Xamarin|

Many businesses need custom software development...and that is good because that is what we do.  However after speaking with a client today wanted to share some insights on what matters most when choosing a software development company.  The 2 big take away points  I heard from speaking with the client today was clean & bug free code.  Price wasn't really a factor but he was really wanting someone close that he could meet and talk to (we do webinars too).  But the [...]

2019 Illinois Valley Firework Schedule

By |Uncategorized|

Below is the Illinois Valley Firework Schedule.  From everyone at Starved Rock Country Software Solutions, have a fun and save Fourth of July! Mendota - Starting at dusk Spring Valley - Starting at dusk Morris- Starting at dusk Peru - Starting at dusk Streator - Starting at 9:15pm Dwight- Starting at dusk Hennepin- Starting at 9pm Ottawa- Starting at dusk Princeton- Starting at dusk Sheridan- Starting at dusk Amboy- Starting at dusk Sandwich- Starting [...]

WordPress History

By |WordPress|

As a WordPress expert I got to thinking about all the years I've spent workign on it.  I remember working with WordPress back in 2003 when it was first released as a blogging site.  It was not the feature rich CRM we know it as know but it was specifically a blogging platform.  I remember choosing WordPress because it had an admin interface and was XHTML 1.1 compliant with templates.  Wasn't many of these types of platforms around then for blogging. A [...]

Why is ‘GIT’ a great repository solution?

By |Uncategorized|

Version Control! One of the most important aspects of any high-level application! Whether you are building a web app or a Windows application, GIT can most definitely be your best friend. The GIT repository is the latest and greatest in version control technology. GIT uses innovative "snapshot" technology to analyze your project files and record their versions, much like how a picture saves the moment it was taken. From there, GIT will compare the newly updated project files with the saved "snapshots" [...]

Managing Software Development – Agile vs Scrum

By |Programming|

As we began managing our software projects we were torn between Agile & Scrum methodologies.  I'm sharing our research and will add a little insight as to why we chose what we did.  If you are reading this you probably already know what these are but if you are new to this basically they are frameworks used to structure, plan and control the process of developing software systems.There are many different methodologies, Agile, Crystal, Scrum, Waterfall but i'm only going to talk [...]

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