We, here at Starved Rock Country Software Solutions, are just like you! We may be a small business but we are everyday people! Our team consists of Kevin, James, and Josh. Kevin is a life long computer programmer, he has been doing this stuff for a while! James is a senior at LP High School who we hired just a few weeks ago. Josh is also a senior at LP High School and shows great potential in computer science and technology. We like to go to movies, go out to eat, catch a baseball game, etc. We are a group of intelligent, hard working, average people that care about business and programming. We take care of our customers. We know what it is like to be hoarded with work and stress. Josh and James are seniors in high school so they constantly have homework, extra curricular activities, and work so they obviously have been there. Let us take some of your stress away and work with you each and every day to improve, grow, and prosper! We are all here to better ourselves and our businesses. At Starved Rock Country Software Solutions our clients have never been happier with our services! We are honest, hard working, and always transparent with our clients. Since we are young new business, we may make mistakes but that won’t stop us from excelling! Every Business has pitfalls and holes they will fall in. It is how the business gets out of that hole that is important. We will, without a doubt, get out of these holes and learn from them. Not only that but also grow as a business from them. Starved Rock Country Software Solutions has big plans in the future! Will you be with our programmers or not?