Details of Seo

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The Do's and Don'ts of Seo Search engine optimisation is a relatively new advertising industry. Seo is the important part of the digital marketing and advertising campaign. Seo is not something which will give you the magical results over night. So far as On-Page SEO is concerned they'll concentrate on the code of your website. Search [...]

What You Don’t Know About Seo

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Search engine optimisation is basically of two different types. With the growth of internet and references SEO has turned into a critical priority, SEO isn't just limited for any business and it is fast transforming into a simple need in the current energetic paced, propelled world. SEO plays a function in that, too. Always keep in [...]

Detailed Notes on Domain Names in an Easy to Follow Order

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Domain names vary in price from 99 cents to thousands of dollars annually. IT domain name presents an excellent chance for local and worldwide companies wanting to represent their company in Italy. Also, there are country specific domain names that you may prefer. What Domain Names Is - and What it Is Not Domain names aren't [...]

What to Expect From Domain Names?

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Domain Names - What Is It? Domain names can relate to your true product or company, or else they can look like you're an affiliate. They would be one of the first things you should do when you have an internet marketing business. Go with Easy to Remember Names You will also wish to select domain [...]

Why Speed Optimization Is Important

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Businesses frequently put page speed optimizations on the back burner, assuming that their site speed represents their entire website functionality. Unfortunately, that isn't the situation. There's an essential difference between website speed and page rate , and it may be a deciding factor in your bounce rate and natural rank. So what is that difference? Page [...]

Our Programmers

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We, here at Starved Rock Country Software Solutions, are just like you! We may be a small business but we are everyday people! Our team consists of Kevin, James, and Josh. Kevin is a life long computer programmer, he has been doing this stuff for a while! James is a senior at LP High School who [...]

Small Business Marketing Tips

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Choosing Good Small Business Marketing You don't need to do all of the marketing yourself, in actuality, one method to find the word out about your business isgetting local press coverage. To learn if you're messing up your small small business marketing, read on. You can also search for unique procedures for small small business advertising. [...]

Two Brand New Duda Widgets

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We are happy to announce the start of our journey into helping Duda web developers by creating highly responsive widgets to help accomplish any task you need! Our Duda widgets have many customization options to make them truly your own! We have created two so far: Both were client requests and we were happy to oblige. [...]

Welcome James: Our Newest Employee!

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As of just a few days ago, we have welcomed a new member to the Starved Rock Programmers team! James Cheney is a student at LaSalle Peru Township High school and has an interest in web development. He is currently 17 years old and has successfully completed multiple projects for our team and made our clients [...]


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Yes, you read that right. Google has indeed released a new SEO & site metrics tool that helps site owners to get an overall picture of their SEO efforts & overall site performance. However, it’s in beta mode and as a result is kind of buggy, but overall, it’s a useful tool. Since Google already has [...]